Xiaomi has already made devices in the middle tier, and even higher, of the flagship grade. Their last presence was in $100 segment with device which I would like to call a complete and excellent choice in this segment and guess what? They surpassed it with new Redmi 4X. Yes you will need to give some extra money over those magical $100, but trust me on this it is worth every cent.

With Redmi 4X you get actual metal build quality, it looks and feels astonishing. Stirred in touch and appealing for the eye, it’s a perfect combination. Indeed, black unit looks extremely good. I couldn’t stop thinking “wow this device cost just around 110 dollars”. How it looks and feels is so good. Even some of the more expensive devices can’t compete in this field. What is worth mentioning is its screen-to-body ratio, which is admirable and gives this device extra compactness. It is maybe just me, but I always loved small phones, especially when screen size lives in suffering by a huge margin. This isn’t the case with Redmi 4X.

It has a flawlessly crisp and loud sound from speakerphone, which is above average. The rich sound 3.5 mm. output provides rich and loud audio, no complaints about it. Capable Snapdragon chipset with 2 or 3 new GB of RAM. Keep in mind that the version which is very capable in terms of overall performance Android 6, with heavy (but capable) MIUI customization is better to use. You get everything you need, more useful features, and the list goes. The 2 GB of RAM can be tried for heavy multitasking, but the chipset manages to compensate for that with its overall application loading speed.

Gaming performance is pretty good, unless the gameplay is quaint. If you want to have a stable framerate in graphically demanding games you should lower the level of detail. Affordable price doesn’t mean that features will be cut down, on the contrary you get a lot. There is a LED notification light placed above capacitive touch buttons, an infrared blaster is present, and I will love this feature: a remote for everything in your pocket. The sweet fingerprint sensor works like a charm – fast and accurate, with an excellent position on the back. You will probably guess that camera is bad or mediocre, but if you think that you are wrong!

Redmi 4X produces beautiful pictures. They are more than usable: sharp with excellent white balance. Of course far away from a flagship grade, but trust me – many mid-tier smartphones are thrown aside. In terms of camera quality by Redmi 4x video quality is more than decent, which continues autofocus. It is pretty usable for various shortage scenarios. Brown sugar doesn’t stop with positive impressions called a great with women presentation is what every narcissistic soul wants.

My warm recommendation a front-facing camera video from this you can probably hear a lot of background noise but you can realize how acute audio quality is actually. When we wrap all this up it looks astonishing, especially when you come in contact with the actual device. In life cream on cake is battery life which is astonishing. No, really I’m not overstating it. It is a real pocketable flower house, I had two days of my normal usage without it breaking a sweat, with 30% juice left at the end of a battery test.

Redmi 4X conclusion

Redmi 4X is so astonishing that your life when you draw that magical line for conclusion and this is a easy one show me the excellent job with Redmi 4X.¬†Right is right and you get a lot for it: rich with features which work and aren’t there just to be there and not work, they work excellent.

Personally I don’t have complaints and it is hard to be picky with the quality. Its excellent system works pretty well, some additional polishing will happen over time and bring even more order optimization and I speak this from my personal experience with Xiaomi. If you are in search for a reliable phone with astonishing battery life, excellent camera, build quality which isn’t a shame from a lot more expensive devices and decent OS performance with xiaomi branding which adds additional value to the device then xiaomi redmi 4X is right choice for you.

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