Xiaomi Redmi Note bloodline just got expanded with the newest and fastest offering, but as is the case or just assumption, newer doesn’t always mean better. Redmi Note 3 and its Pro variant are still one of the best buys in the segment.

I highly awaited to review this device. From the first look you can immediately say that the exterior build is a higher level than Xiaomi Max and previous Redmi note 3. A thing which caught my attention is that device features are 100% metal built. Yes, even top and bottom parts are made of metal this time. Because of this antenna lines are visible, but they look really nice and beautiful, emerging with design philosophy. Thickness of the device lies well in the hand, it’s also slightly curved which further improves grip. All of which in total offers an astonishing experience, especially if you start using device for the first time.

With excellent foundations you can’t go with anything less than that. In terms of internal hardware Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 doesn’t disappoint. In this segment it offers top-notch performance during usual daily tasks, and when you start doing high demanding tasks it gets even better. Redmi Note 4 will shine and offer a fluid user experience. I will say it now: phone experience is excellent in both ways.

Loud speaker isn’t the loudest I’ve heard. It is somewhere in middle but it produces well-defined sounds, with admirable clarity of tones. 3.5 mm. output won’t disappoint. Even for more demanding users the sound is loud enough, with well-defined tones. I’m not speaking here about audiophiles, since they will probably find weakness in Redmi Note 4’s audio performance.

For me Redmi Note 4 is balanced well in terms of overall size and screen-to-body ratio. The IPS unit offers excellent viewing angles, colors are really slick, and there’s an option to tune them further with preset profiles. Outdoor performance didn’t disappoint me either, and I personally didn’t have any problems with visibility during a sunny day. Android version is set to 6, with MIUI customization and top it with it’s worth. Note that your best option is shipping an international version of Redmi Note 4, since it means updates out of the box, day-to-day with MIUI. For me it is a well-made customization, with all its weaknesses and strengths.

Applications load fast, with snappy multitasking. 2GB of RAM proved to be plenty enough for users. There is no need to speak about MIUI additional features, because you won’t find them out of the box on stock. Fingerprint sensor is present and works flawlessly. It is accurate and fast, pure pleasure to use on daily basis. Photographers aren’t going to suffer from lacking internal hardware. This is the case for both the front and back camera units. Front camera produces really beautiful images and, most importantly, it handles harder lighting conditions pretty well.

Selfie lovers will definitely enjoy using Redmi note 4. Video quality test of the front-facing camera and back camera is a story in itself, and as always sample speak for themselves. I shot the first tier of photos during a rainy day and the camera handled that lighting well which is always a huge plus. The amount of details will satisfy you as well. Redmi note 4 color processing is admirable in majority of situations. My favorite thing when shooting images is macro photos which get high grade for the details result. Images are, once again, excellent, with good colors. Overall representation as a complete package is very good.

Video files are solid with an option to turn on video stabilization and continues out of focus. They both work, but aren’t perfect as on some high-grade phones but still more than usable and always welcome so far. So good i will say still we have one more thing and not any less important and that is battery life. During my extensive testing benchmark result and real-life test, all provided superb results. Redmi note 4 managers to last for two days of relaxed, worry free usage pattern which even consist low amount of gaming.

What does this all mean for you? First let’s make it clear that Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 offers one of the kindest experiences, especially if it’s your first first time this Chinese brand. Redmi Note 4 is a great experience for fragmental price. The build quality, and overall feel in the hand are also top-notch. This extends to no compromises with internal hardware which is a flagship, which combines very well with my favorite android customization MIUI with its latest version 8. Don’t forget about excellent photos, either.

In my personal opinion Redmi Note 4 was an upgrade over Note 3 by a margin. Yes, it’s all fine, but is it worth the money? Answer is: yes and no. With Redmi Note 4 you get a polished device with weaknesses in every section. If you are newcomer do not worry, it’s your choice, but if you already own Redmi 3 then it is up to you to decide whether you want to have the latest or the greatest model.

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