Samsung DeX is the desktop experience dock for your S8. If you just toss your phone on DEX as long as this is plugged into a monitor you will effectively get a full desktop computer. A lot of people are saying “you know it’s not going to be that great”, “it’s just gimmicky”, “it’s just a waste of time”. All the other people, like myself, are saying “you know what? I think this is actually going to be pretty cool”. I don’t know, I mean that’s just my first thought, but I think it’d actually be pretty cool.

This goes for about a hundred and fifty dollars or so, but of course this won’t be for everybody. Not everybody will find use for it, and it does bring to mind Microsoft Continuum, which I almost forgot existed. Despite all of that, I think this one could be pretty cool. So as I got this I actually opened it up and I said “oh my goodness what am i doing, I’m a tech writer I need to be writing about this”, So I’ve just pulled out the notepad and yeah, here we go.

dex docking station

So here it is. The Dex docking station. You first see the dock itself, and then you have your power adapter. It’s pretty much the same you get with the S8. You also get the adaptive fast charger. It is made black, along with the USB type-C cable. We do get a Quick Start Guide, and more people than usual will probably find a need for this. Of course you know how we do things, we don’t don’t deal with that at all. We’ve got HDMI, Ethernet, and two full USB. Then we have our grip on the bottom which is covered by some sort of cover plastic when you take it out of the box. If you take that off, it’ll give you some extra grip so this thing won’t go sliding around your desk. Aa quick look back at the box reveals support for UHD (4K resolution), and a 100 megabit Ethernet support. It also details the actual version of USB that we have there.

Let’s go ahead and set this thing up. I have a very basic 1080p monitor and Anchor Wireless Keyboard Logitech MX Master. Of course I have the dock itself plugged in with the included accessories. I have an HDMI cable running from the dock directly into the monitor. Boom just like that we have a “Welcome to Samsung” text.

samsung dex desktop

You can see more of your applications by putting them on a big screen, and you can control them with your mouse and keyboard just like a regular desktop. It says “tap start Samsung Dex on your phone to start”. On Dex button screen goes black. There we go there’s our mouse and I will go ahead and connect the keyboard to bluetooth. All right so we have everything connected, and the mouse is now working and the keyboard is connected as well. It connects through bluetooth, pretty basic stuff. Hit the lock button to lock the device. It’s pretty cool you click to unlock, so that’s pretty cool.

There’s a pretty familiar interface at the bottom left hand corner. We do have our buttons for our applications there. You get to all of your applications there which is cool. You also have a multitasking button right there alongside your home button. As well those are all of my open applications. If I want to go to settings for example there’s a settings screen, and we get a little window asking if I wanted to go fullscreen.

So we have all of our settings here. There are some different things there, like Samsung Dex setting, we also have wallpapers for the Samsung Dex. We have some built-in images, you can change the home screen, lock screen, or vault if you wanted to. We can go ahead and check some stuff out here. Pointer speed for the cursor, wallpapers, screen time out, and then we also have a virtual keyboard if we wanted, but of course there’s the physical keyboard instead. We have it in a nice window form, which is really nice, and we can also rotate it to get it in widescreen mode. We can adjust the angle, we cannot adjust the size of the window, so yeah, that’s pretty much it. We closed the application.

We can check out all other apps that are opened on the bottom right hand corner. We can hit an arrow to expand some of our settings and whatnot. Some more information we can get about our Wi-Fi connection. All of those setting include customising your notifications as well. I had a whole bunch of applications update themselves. We can check out our battery stuff here, which is nice. Some functions of the satellite. It says some functions of this may not work with Samsung Dex.

We also have what they’re calling finders. It’s like a search function, which is pretty cool. You can search for applications and known files within your phone, so that’s cool. There’s the screenshot button, which is pretty handy. If there’s something on the screen you want to capture, then you’ve got a dedicated button for that. You have your volume settings too, but you can of course change out with the keyboard. It’s pretty easy. Of course you have all the different ringtone media notifications, and the system volume as well. If we hit this little arrow down at the bottom it’ll bring us to the quick settings. It gives you pretty much what you would expect. You can get a shortcut directly to the full system settings.

Let’s go ahead and open up another application. Twitter, for example. It actually opens up a bigger window. You can actually resize it however we want, which is pretty cool. If you want it a little bit more of a wide window, you can do that, which is pretty cool. Let’s open another application, a little app. That is interesting, this application does not want to open up. Let’s try the Google Play Store, which I had open.  Google Play Store, and we have all of our windows open up here at the same time. Pretty nice, actually, to have an Android desktop experience, and everything works really really well. If I go between different windows it works really well with no delay or lag. Or stutters or anything like that, for that matter. It just works well. So this is actually pretty good, I like this.

Going back to the bottom left-hand corner we have our recent applications. We can check out all of our open applications, which is nice. If we have multiple apps open we can scroll and close them all if we want. Of course we can individually close them one at a time as well. Taking a look at the desktop we have My Files, Internet, we have email, gallery and settings. Of course we can go into our app drawers and drag applications, put them wherever we want.

If we go back into the app drawer, we have apps for Dex. We can look at all the applications that were made specifically to work here. We get things like Microsoft Word, which is cool. You can get a more optimized version of Microsoft Word, it’s not just the mobile version. You get things like Skype and MS File Explorer, stuff like that. It seems pretty watered down right now, but this is still the very, very early stage, so I’m assuming that applications will start to flood. It would get Craigslist to onedrive, so there is just a very small selection of applications. But hey, they’re going to be working on it.

Ok, so one thing that I almost forgot to check out was screen mirroring function. Yes, I actually ended the article and I said “well I totally forgot to check that out”. So we have that little button at the bottom of the deck, and let’s switch to screen mirroring let’s see what’s this. We get the splash screen again, we also get another screen on the phone. We have what is on our actual phone and it’s pretty cool, We can click and drag, and we are now in our home screen. We can swipe, and it’s pretty smooth swipe, up from the bottom. It gets our applications up. If you guys wanted to screen mirror, if you want to get what’s exactly on your phone up on your display, you can do that really easily here with Samsung Dex.

All right, so that pretty much does it for this first look at Samsung Dex. This was by no means a full review, or anything like that. If you guys want a review on this let me know. I will do my best to put together a full, comprehensive review what it’s actually like to use Samsung Dex, on a daily basis and stuff like that. So what do you guys think of Samsung Dex? Do you think that you could actually find it useful in your everyday life? Go ahead and let me know by dropping a comment down below.